American DJ LED RC2 Remote


For use with the American DJ Quad LED Par QWH12X

Blackout – Pressing this button will blackout the fixture.
Auto run – This button will run an automatic program. You can control the speed of the Auto
Run by pressing the SPEED button first and then pressing the “+” and “-” buttons.
PROGRAM SELECTION – This button will let you access one of the seven static color selections.
Pressing this button and then press the “+” or “-” to navigate through
the seven programs.
FLASH – This button will activate the strobe effect. You can control the flash rate by pressing the
“+” and “-” buttons. Press this button again to exit strobe mode.
SPEED – Press this button and use the “+” & “-” buttons to adjust the speed of the Auto run.
DMX MODE – This button will let you select which DMX mode you want to use. Some fixtures will
come with different DMX channel modes. This button will switch between the different
modes. Please see your corresponding fixture in this user manual to find out
about your DMX modes, values, and traits.
SOUND ACTIVE – This button activates sound active mode. Sound active mode will not work for
outdoor LED lights.
SLAVE – This designates the fixture as a slave fixture in a master/slave configuration.
SET ADDRESS – Press this button to set the DMX address. Press this button first, then press the
numbers to set the address. Example: DMX Address 1 Press “S001”
DMX Address 245 Press “S245”
R G B A W- Press either one of these buttons, and then press the “+” and “-” to adjust the brighness.
“+” and “-” – Use these buttons to adjust the flash rate, speed of the Auto Run, dimming, and program

Day Rate £3.13

Week Rate £5.00


Download Operators Manual