Audiotechnica AT8035 Shotgun Microphone

Audiotechnica AT8035 Shotgun Microphone


Some people say that there are two kinds of shotgun mics: good ones and cheap ones. Then again, some idiots swear that the whole Apollo 11 thing was a hoax. The fact is, the Audio-Technica AT8035 is just about the best value in a shotgun mic you’re going to find, period. This thing sound awesome on anything from long-distance recording and sound reinforcement, to close up voiceover recording. The AT8035’s massive proximity effect makes even normal male voices big (the way you think of gods as big), which is excellent, but can be a bit too much. That’s why Audio Technical includes a low-frequency roll-off switch. Expertly crafted phase ports totally annihilate off axis sound, so you get only the sound you’re aiming at. The AT8035 runs on both standard phantom power or a single internal AA, making it an excellent on camera mono-mic!


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Audiotechnica AT8035 Microphone £9.50 £15.20


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