ETS Pro Lighting Beam 5R Moving Head


ETS Pro Lighting Beam 5R Moving Head


Lamp: Philips PLATINUM 5R, CT: 8000K, Life: 2000H
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Ballast: Electromagnetic Ballast or Electronic Ballast
Power consumption: 250W

DMX Channels mode: 10/12 channels
Stand alone operation with Master/Slave function, sound activated via built in microphone.
Pan and tilt movement: 8 and 16 bit resolution
For smooth and precise motion
Movement: Pan: 360° /540° Optional, Tilt: 270°
Speed of pan/tilt movement adjustable
Scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement

Colors: Basic color wheel with 12 diachronic mirrors, plus white, two direction rainbow effect
Static gobo: 14 static gobos plus open with different speed gobo shaking and gobo indexing
Prism and prism rotating: With 3 prism macros
Linear dimmer in precise speed from 0%-100%
Step less frost, 0%-100% linear change frost
Strobe/shutter: High speed shutter, 0-14 Hz or random strobe
4 digit LED display
Display: Can be changed 180° Reverse to fit for different installation position.
eight.  11kgs
Packing Size:535 x 400 x 410mm


Comes Complete with:

Mains Leads

Flight Case

Hanging brackets


Day Rate £31.25 + VAT

Week Rate £50.00 + VAT


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