Look Solutions Cyro Fog low fog machine



The Cryo-Fog HP is a powerful 1700 Watt low fog generator with fogger and cooling chamber all built in to a road case that’s only 26″ x 20″ and 12″ tall! It uses Cryo-Fog Fluid to make dense white fog and requires a high pressure CO2 (available from any gas company) to chill the fog and cause it to lay low. It can be controlled with 3 channels of DMX – 1 for fog output, 1 for temperature, and 1 for fan – and each parameter can be variably adjusted from 1-100%.  This allows you to create thin fog that creeps across the floor, billowing clouds that look like ocean waves, or anything in between. It comes with 5L of Cryo-Fog Fluid and a 5m hose for connecting a of CO2 bottle.


Day Rate £156.00 + VAT

Week Rate £250.00 + VAT


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