Analogway Smartfade Mixer

Analogway Smartfade Mixer


This is a 5-video, 2-computer input seamless mixer/switcher with audio and a built-in scaler that scales and genlocks each video source to match your computer’s resolution. The Smart Fade offers a fade or a smooth or fast switching between: any video and 1 computer, or video sources, or computer sources. All video inputs are scaled to the selected computer input, allowing a one-time adjustment for your display resolution.

The Smart Fade is also significantly increases TV image’s resolution and brightness. The decoder includes an advanced comb filter, natural color processing, robust sync detection, and enhanced auto-adaptive de-interlacing scheme, with correction of the film-to-video transfert (3/2 pulldown for NTSC), resulting in a film-like image.


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Analogway Smartfade Mixer £150.00 £450.00


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